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Rebrand & Branding

Schlitz Audubon Nature Center


Creative Direction

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Logo Development


Color Theory



As part of Schlitz Audubon’s 2012-2017 strategic plan, a rebrand was in order. I stepped way out of my comfort zone and boldly asked if I could lead the branding process, instead of hiring an outside firm. To my excitement (and a healthy amount of terror) the organization said yes. As a result, the organization saved money, the brand was revitalized, and I got to own the brand in ways I would not have, had an outside firm been in charge.

Included in the rebrand: new identity, new typography, new color scheme, redefining our brand statement and vision, new quarterly publication called "Panorama," and a new look and feel to all of our marketing materials that continues to ripple through all subsequent design projects. It was a small, but very mighty, team working on this project; myself and the Marketing Manager, with oversight from the Executive Director, and input from key stakeholders including the board of directors, staff, and other members of the organization.

While the rebrand took place in 2015, this has been a defining project for the Center. It has informed every subsequent design and marketing-focused project including artistic entry signs, a website overhaul, a wayfinding system, and generally elevating our image in the community. It has been my role since to maintain the brand in all aspects, print, digital, merch, and working with outside vendors when necessary, to ensure brand consistency.

Email marketing

Annual report layout & photography

Informational graphic in annual report

Partnered with local vendor to translate the logo & typeface to corten steel while maintaining brand consistency

Branded birding field guide. Art direction & cover photo

Best. Mugs. Ever.